Omega Blanco Limited (Hong Kong) and Omega Blanco FZC (UAE) are privately held metal trading companies, specializing in precious and non-ferrous metals. Our main task is to create value from waste, and we do so in many regions around the world, including various developing countries.

Currently, based on our unique partnership model, we operate in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our former trade name Blancomet and our current company name Omega Blanco are well known in the segment. We have successfully grown into a multimillion turnover company, that is a stable and trustable partner to the acknowledged recycling and refining plants around the globe.


In 2003, with the support of a couple of small supplying partners from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, we have established the solid ground for our business under the trading name Blancomet. In the following years, we made our first contracts with major metal refining plants in Western Europe, which later became our long-term partners and a key to our sustainable business model.

Solid business revenues allowed us to maintain a financial stability that eventually led to an organic growth of the company within the European borders. Meanwhile, the global financial crisis in 2008 only assured us that the path we have chosen is a right one, and it allowed us to start our further expansion. In the same year, we have expanded our operational borders to Africa and a couple of years later, we have entered the Asian markets. Eventually, the Asian part of the business became more and more important to us.

With Hong Kong keeping a stable top position in the economic freedom index and its special relations with China, one of our main Asian markets, we have chosen HK in 2012 as a new jurisdiction for our new trading company Omega Blanco Limited. Upon further geographical and operational expansion, in 2018 we incorporated our sister company Omega Blanco FZC in the United Arab Emirates, the 1st freest economy among other countries in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Our Values

Omega Blanco is a synergy of different values.  With the joint effort of western motivation, eastern diligence, southern drive and northern responsibility, we strive to achieve highest levels of efficiency and reliability, always improving our sustainable business model.  

Due to our organizational values and direct owner’s management of the company, we are able to implement smooth and discrete decision making amongst the partners, which result in responsible, trustworthy and effective solutions. 


Since KYC has become an important part to every business, we seek to work only with reliable partners. Therefore, our buying partners are experienced stock listed companies and refinery plants, that are well recognized and well established around the world. To make sure that we foster our partnerships with these companies, the reliability of our business’ supplying side is very important to us. For this reason, Omega Blanco has its own unique way of knowing the long-term suppliers. Together with a related holding company M Holding we invest in a metal business of our suppliers. Not only it creates a possibility to learn about the supplying companies, but it also allows to take part in a daily management and policy-making of our partners.

Our Practice

During the long years of practice, together with our analytical partners from Germany, Italy, UK, and Japan, we have made tens of thousands of analyses of different commodities, such as catalytic converters, electronic waste components, copper scrap products, etc. The knowledge and experience gathered over time is incorporated into our online catalogs, that are value-added items for successful cooperation with our long-term suppliers. 

Our know-how allows us to be an ISO authorized company, a licensed trader and a supplier/importer of raw materials in China (AQSIQ). Also, we are a newly joined member of the Bureau of International Recycling (BIR). 

Strict metal price hedging policies make our life easy even in the most volatile market periods. We do not risk - we rather enjoy taking profits.

All the above and many other long-term achievements allow us to concentrate on the optimization of already strong position in the worldwide markets. 

Omega Blanco Limited specializes in collecting, sorting and trading of precious and non-ferrous metals. These include metals and scrap and waste materials, containing the following:

Precious metals




Stainless steel




Electronic waste

Automotive catalysts

Automotive batteries

Special alloys

Metal ores